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We Know Technology

We know technology and we use it to drive enterprise solutions for our customers. We align ourselves with our customers technology stack, introduce new technology where required, and build custom software as needed. We understand the complexities of integration and architect solutions that will allow your organization to execute optimally.

On-Premise vs In The Cloud

We are cloud architects, and we understand SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS very well. We build and architect solutions for the cloud and on-prem. However, we understand that in almost every case, a solution isn’t confined to the cloud or within your data centre perimeter, and our solutions are architected and built to support that and be sustainable over the long term. In addition to the technology, we have worked with our business clients and truly understand the political and business constraints, including, CapEx vs OpEx, political agendas, legal and governance issues, and other business and technical constraints that are mitigated within the solution and it’s budget.

We’ve Seen Alot

The first step when working with a new client is to understand their needs and where they want to go. That also requires understanding, within a short time, the clients existing technical and architecture maturity, and understanding the current landscape. Our extensive background with multiple clients and industries has shown us a lot and helped us learn a lot. We leverage this in order to very quickly get up to speed with a customer’s existing technical landscape.

The Constraints

We understand the constraints of legal, governance, and regulatory constraints and work within those boundaries and work with the client to come up with creative solutions within existing regulatory, governance, and legal frameworks.

The Technology

Our solutions use technology, and we ensure we architect and build for business requirements, and also put the focus on the non-functional requirements (performance, resiliency, scalability, redundancy, etc). We understand how systems are built (because we’ve built them), and we understand how to successfully architect system to be built so that they will execute seamlessly and optimally, and will lend themselves to an optimal roadmap and technical operating framework for the organization long term.

Technical Architecture

Technical architecture involves many facets and a high understanding of integration patterns, API bast practices, security, authentication and authorization schemes, cloud architecture, firewalls, web application firewalls, software development languages and frameworks, SSO and IDAM platforms, master data repositories, server infrastructure, encryption schemes and key management, network segmentation, routers, load balancing, data centre redundancy and much more. On top of all that, there are a multitude of software vendors that provide these types of capabilities, and unfortunately they don’t always play nice with each other. Architecture ensures the optimal solution and that everything will play nice and ensure that all gaps are mitigated and accounted for. This ensures no surprises and cost over-runs and helps to cement down the proper budget required for key milestones of the promised solution.

Software Architecture and Development Leadership

We also specialize in software architecture and software development leadership. Software Architecture is the brother of Solutions Architecture in which the focus is on the architecture of the software being built. There is usually some aspect of software development for almost all technological solutions, however the amount of development depends on the actual solution being built. Integration with off-the-shelf enterprise solutions may require 5% to 20% of custom development (and thus software architecture) only, whereas, new custom developed solutions to give a business a competitive advantage not found in off-the-shelf packages, could mean 80% to 100% of the technology introduced is through custom development and therefore require a much more detailed and refined software architecture.