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Fit and Assessment

Douglas Information Systems Corporation is focused on building high quality relationships. Relationships have to start somewhere, and one approach we take to get started is a fit and assessment session. This session is directly with Douglas Information Systems Corporation’s founder, Daniel Douglas, along with additional personnel depending on the need.

We want to be the right fit, but we’ll identify if we aren’t. We’d much rather give you as much practical advice as we can at the conclusion of the Fit and Assessment session than to try to sell you on services that your organization doesn’t need.

‘We are interested in building relationships and helping you on your journey. That’s part of our method, and is part of the core mantra of our company.

Please contact us below to schedule a Fit and Assessment session. Daniel, our founder, will be in touch with you personally.

Our founder, Daniel Douglas is an IT veteran and works hands-on with Douglas Information Systems Corporation’s customers. He is a Director and Acting Principal Solution Architect for the company.

Daniel has a background in software engineering, leading development teams, and building architecture for medium and large enterprises.

His critical thinking, self-awareness, business acumen, and deep technical knowledge is the perfect starting point for your Fit and Assessment session.